Each class I teach is unique. I honor and respect each soul and personality that steps into my classroom. I enjoy observing the personalities that answer the call to learn this modality. I enjoy creating a space where connections are made on a personal and/or professional level. Together we create a community, a safe place, where it becomes natural to share your journey with others. In the past, each group that I have brought through classes formed unique and forever bonds - they become - family. These will be the people you will be spending several months with together learning, sharing, and encouraging each other. A lot happens to each of us in an 8-9 month period of time. Some of my most rewarding moments in teaching are observing the transformation in my students as they learn to step into their own power and find out just how gifted and amazing they are. If I had one word to describe foot zone class it would be - Empowering.
More about Classes -
Option 1: In-Person Foot Zone Certification Course
This class meets all requirements for the State of Utah, which means that you can access the feet specifically without needing a massage license. If you live outside of Utah you will need to check the regulations of your state.
The classes are dedicated to giving you the education you need to acquire the skills necessary to simply help your family and friends by accessing the body systems through the feet and/or creating an opportunity to work as a practitioner and begin your own business. I will work with and mentor you as you go along and give you feedback and ideas to do both.
The curriculum will help you
• understand the body systems as we study anatomy & physiology
• learn the basics of using essential oils
• how to muscle test and use it for health-related purposes
• how to shift blocked energy and find emotions stored in the body
• learn about chakra's and how to balance and align them
• understand the polyvagal system (Vagus Nerve) and how to calm anxiety and
• feel confident in offering a zone to family and friends or begin your own business
 Option 2: Reflexology Made Simple -
This class offers a simple treatment through the feet that covers every part of the body. You will be able to access and signal healing to every system of the body and create an environment for the body to balance.
This is a 20-30 minute treatment that gives you everything you need to help your loved ones.
You will learn how to access the body through the pressure points and signals in the feet, and the history of foot zoning/reflexology. We will go over basic anatomy, techniques, and movements so that you will feel confident as you assist and help your loved ones. There is no greater feeling than when you know you have some tools in your tool belt to help those closest to you. If at a later date, you decide you would like to enroll in the full certification class you will receive a discount (the price you paid for RMS), which will be applied at registration.
Option 3: On-line Foot Zone Certification Course (coming in 2023) -
The On-line Foot Zone Certification Course offers the same curriculum as the in-person classes except you can do this at your own pace and in your own home.
I offer a few options to pay for your tuition that can meet the needs of everyone. The cost of tuition is $3,600 plus $300 in book fees = $3,900 total.
Here are the options you can take advantage of to cover your tuition:
1. Class by class payments = 9 x $450.
2. Tuition paid in full receives a $250 discount if paid for by class 2.
3. Refer someone to the class (and they mention your name) you will receive $200
as a thank you from me.
* Full tuition is due by graduation, interest-free. It is also possible to collect a student
fee while you are in school. Oftentimes students can earn their entire tuition this way.
Continuing education is also important to me. Students are encouraged after graduation to return to classes as many times as they want (at no cost). It is common for returning graduates to attend classes and pick up on things they might have missed the first time around. You may also pick and choose which classes to attend.
There is no extra fee for continuing education. As your instructor, I will always share with you the latest updates and information at no extra cost. This is something very unique to the school.

Shannon Powell

Are you considering becoming a Foot Zone Practitioner? If so, then Karen Hyatt is the teacher for you! She is loving, funny, interactive, intuitive and caring toward every student in her class. Karen is well-spoken and has a deep knowledge of foot zoning. In my experience, she won’t rest until you have all the information you’ve requested. In addition to all of the information you cover in the Foot Zone coursework, she provides countless detailed reference sheets that further explain and expand on what you are learning, all of which she has compiled herself over the years. I have an entire binder of amazing reference information on a myriad of subjects that are helpful to know when zoning. The support she provides you on your personal journey through the 9-month course is exceptional. Karen is a great teacher, cheerleader, and mentor and offers loving feedback on your progression through the program. Karen is a truly gifted Foot Zoner practitioner and instructor. I am very confident speaking on behalf of my whole graduating class that she is hands down the best in the business. I am grateful that she is in my life and love that she is now a part of my soul family.

Jaimi Morse

Karen has become my go to girl when life throws my family a curve ball with our health. I was introduced to footzoning and energy work a few years back and I am so happy to say it has been a life changer. I feel empowered that western medicine doesn’t have to be my only answer. As a a licensed pharmacy technician I am a firm believer that it has its place but I have loved finding alternative ways to help my family.
Aside from medical benefits in trials for my family, footzoning with Karen has brought me into balance with myself. The second I walk into her home, it feels good.
I made it a point to have a zone by Karen just a few weeks after I gave birth to my second child and having experienced what I recognize now as post partum depression with my first baby- I believe that helping my body correct itself and regulate hormones saved me from struggling with it again.
 If you haven’t ever had a footzone or even heard of it- give it a try. Karen will walk you thru it and I believe you will find that it is something you will want to have in your life.

Whitley White

I have been taking my kids, and myself to see Karen for about a month now, and every time we go I’m amazed at how great we all feel. The energy in our home and within ourselves is so great. I have also noticed major improvements in the health and behavior of my kids. We love Karen and will continue to go as much as we can.
Riley Shannon
 I was new to Foot Zoning and after a few visits with Karen I really liked it and saw results the more I went. She helped me balance my energy which made me feel much more clear and at peace. I loved it, and highly recommend it!