Map of the body is on the foot

What is Foot Zone Therapy

Foot Zone therapy is a treatment that can improve the function of your entire body.  The feet are organized in zones which when manipulated will trigger signals and send messages and stimulation to the affected organs or tissues by way of the spinal cord and brain.  This therapy stimulates every organ in your body during each treatment.


Foot Zoning is the ability to read the signal system in the feet, thereby understanding the current state of condition of the body.  The body has a perfect blue print of what it's supposed to be trying to accomplish, and what it's purpose is.  In life, there are many things that inhibit and influence the body negatively that create a less than ideal environment when it comes to healing and rebuilding as it was meant to.


Zoning is a method used to bring the body into balance, or homeostasis.  If the body has what it needs, it will begin to rebuild as it was designed to do from birth.  As the body begins to repair, as it begins to utilize the nutrients needed for cellular repair, it returns to its original blueprint.  Once in that state, the whole body rises to heal and nourish the physical, structural, emotional and spiritual.  As these magnificent centers of wholeness begin working together in balance, you will find greater joy, health, awareness, focus, healing time, peace and tranquility.  This is what happens everytime you are zoned! In time, the need for zoning becomes less and less as your body heals itself the way God intended it to do.


The benefits of Foot Zoning are endless.  There can be any number of complaints that can be addressed.  A session can release tension, strengthen immune system, induce relaxation, improve circulation, help to stabilize your emotions, help with fertility issues, cleanse toxins and many more health concerns.



The best way to discover what foot zoning is all about is to experience it for yourself.  Get in touch with me and let's give you an experience!