Foot Zone Instruction and Certification


Let me start off by saying that I am excited to be teaching for such a wonderful school that is approved by the UTFZA (Utah Foot Zone Association).  Zoning has become my passion and I truly love teaching.  This combination has proven to be an exciting and fun adventure for me.  I am starting a new class in the Spring of 2022.


I was asked a while ago why I chose We Do Feet Seminars.  The answer is simple - I came to love and respect the owners over the months I was in their classes.  The level of respect they have for their students, the Zone itself, along with the gifts and talents they have honed is immeasurable.  Other reasons are that the school teaches the complete zone over the course of 9 months to give the students time to practice what they are learning in the classroom.  Learning this way helps the student become more accurate, precise and confident with the zone.  The courses are designed to give you a good education on body systems and anatomy.  This will come in helpful as you put all the elements together from each class and begin to understand what you are feeling as you work on the feet.  Students will finish the class with the confidence and ability to be of assistance to friends and family along their own pathway to wellness.


Upon completing the course you will receive your Certification to practice Foot Zone Therapy in the State of Utah.  You will be recognized by the Utah Foot Zone Association as one having received your training from an accredited school.   


Continuing education is also an important aspect of WeDoFeet Seminars.  Students are encouraged after graduation to return to the classes as many times as they want (at no cost).  It is common for returning graduates to attend classes and pick up on things they might have missed the first time around.  You may also pick and choose which classes to attend.  

There is no extra fee for continuing education.  As your instructor I will always give you the latest updates and information at no extra cost to you.  This is unique to our school.



“At We Do Feet Seminars, we have established a course curriculum that is like no other we have seen.  It is, for this reason, we do what we do!  As we watched other Foot Zoners in years past, we observed a lack of completeness in their initial training.  Over time, they have had to continue with advanced courses and training which greatly concerned us.  Our belief is that if you are going to put the time and expense into getting this training it is imperative that it is complete and detailed giving you all the education you need to practice this modality combined with a clear understanding of what you are feeling.  When you complete our seminars, you will be confident and competent in the Foot Zone Technique.”  Brad Noall


















The Course

In the curriculum, I not only teach the Foot Zone technique, but many other aspects that will facilitate your ability to be the Foot Zoner that you wish to be. Some topics discussed are:


  •  Anatomy and Physiology.

  •  Essential oil training.

  •  Applied Kinesiology and how to use it in your life.

  •  Shifting blocked Energy in the body.

  •  Emotions and how they store in the body.

  •  Problems that you will find in the Foot Zone and how to bring it back into balance.

  •  How to create and bring balance into your life and family.

  •  Business ethics and the laws and principles of success.


In addition, I will cover other modalities and therapies that can aid and support the Foot Zone Technique.


Class Schedule for Fall 2022 beginning in October (In the Salt Lake Valley)


Class 1 - Oct 7, 8 - History and introduction to the foot zone.  Mapping and demonstration for Area 1 of the zone.  Explanation of homework and assignments along with an Introduction to Bob Proctor's book You Were Born Rich.


Class 2 - Nov 4, 6 - Discussion and review of homework assignments (The Human Body: An Orientation and the Skin and Body Membranes). Mapping and demonstration for Area 2 of the zone.  Discussion on Muscle testing.


Class 3 - Dec 2, 3 -  Discussion and review of The Muscular System and Lymphatic System.  Mapping and demonstration of Area 3 of the zone.  Essential Oils and their uses in the zone.


Class 4 - Jan 6, 7 - Mapping and demonstration of Area 4 of the zone. 


Class 5 - Feb tba  - [In Brigham City, UT] Taught by Brad and Sue Noall.  Introduction to emotions and how they are stored in the body, Chakra’s, How to become grounded and balancing techniques.  Discussion and review of The Nervous System.


Class 6 - Mar 3, 4 - Discussion and review of the Digestive System.  Discuss Digestive flora, pro-biotics, parasites, yeast, liver issues, colon problems.  Review mapping and drawings.


Class 7 - Apr 7, 8 - Discuss and review the Endocrine system.  Begin presentations of student reports.


Class 8 -  May 5, 6 - Discuss and review the Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Urinary Systems.  Give a review of the final Test.


Class 9 - Jun tba - [In Brigham City]  A written exam is given.  Graduation dinner and presentations.



Course Cost:

The cost for the course is $3,300 plus Books and Materials;  Can be paid up front or paid monthly. Student is responsible for all charges when using credit cards or Paypal for transactions.  Venmo, Cash or Checks are always the preferred methods of payment.  


Registration and Payment Options:

To register for the next session contact me at (801) 558-8375.


        Payment Option #1 – Pay for the Course in Full

Reserve your space in the upcoming class by paying a $250 Deposit.  Pay the balance of $3,300 before Class #2. Book Fee is $300  Deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred or applied to future classes.


        Payment Option #2 – Pay Per Seminar

Reserve your space in the upcoming class by paying a $250 Deposit.  Pay $400, plus book fee, monthly over 9 months.

For Classes 2 – 9, pay your class fee at the start of each class.  Deposit is non-refundable but can be transferred or applied to future classes,  

[For those who are interested in customized payment plans - please ask] 

* Students are responsible to purchase or have access to "Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology" by Elaine N. Marieb, Edition 9 or later.  These books can be found used on Amazon.  All other books and materials are included in the prices stated above.

** Students who take the course with a friend or family member may also qualify for a discount on the course fee.


How to schedule classes in your area:

I will also travel to your area and teach the course.  The only requirement is to have a minimum of 10 - 12 students.  Please contact me if you would like to host the Foot Zone Course in your area. Contact me at 801-558-8375 or for more.



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