My story begins when my sister gave me my first essential oil - Lavender.  As I began using my only bottle of essential oil I decided I wanted to learn more about oils.  I began by taking an essential oil class taught by a Butterfly Expressions.   I quickly learned that there was more to these small bottles of oils than simply throwing some drops into a cute bottle with epsom salt, tying a ribbon around it and then giving them away as a Christmas gift.   A whole new world was opening up for me.   Since then...  I began diffusing oils in the home so my entire family could benefit.  I put a few drops on a cottonball stuffed into a vent in the car my kids drove so they would be awake and alert at school.  I use them for allergic reactions displayed on my skin.  I also learned how they can help heal both physical and emotional ailments.   And when my husband (then fiancé) broke his back and we were not comfortable with surgery we instead opted for essential oils, foot zones and energy work to heal his back completely.  The list now goes on and on as to how I use oils.    


Several months after my first Essential Oil Class I found myself looking for health insurance for me and my four children.  I opted for high deductible and low premium.  Weeks after obtaining the insurance I went to my doctor for some answers to some serious pain in my lower abdominal area.  It was determined that I had ovarian cysts and we needed to do an ultra sound to decide if I needed surgery or not.  At the hospital I was asked to pay $750 up front before I could have the requested ultra sound.  I gasped thinking that this would be taking a large portion monthly  budget. I was used to going to the doctor and paying my $15 co-pay and then 20% of the final bill for any x-rays, lab work, etc.  I certainly couldn't afford to be doing this everytime one of us had to visit a doctor for a cold, infection, ...or cysts, etc.  It was at this moment I determined I had to figure out a better, more cost effective way of addressing my family's health issues.  


A friend had told me of how she went to a someone who worked on her feet and after the treatments she did not need the rotator cuff surgery that her doctor had prescribed for her.  I immediately set out to find someone to "rub" my feet and help  make my cysts go away.  I did find a great resource, Kimberly Watts, who taught me how to get rid of them myself...and I did just that.  I was fascinated by how this worked and I longed for more information.  I found myself taking my first class on  Synergetic Healing/5-Keystones to Health , which I absolutely loved.  In the class were a couple of women lamenting about their Foot Zone class and how it was so taxing and difficult and yet they LOVED it.  I remember thinking that there was no way I could/would ever do anything like that because I didn't think I could pass a test or study and/or remember things, for that matter.  


One day, a few months later, I found myself perusing the internet and I happened upon a Foot Zone School called We Do Feet Seminars, which is based out of Cache Valley (my hometown).  I felt a very strong impression that I needed to contact the school and take the classes.  First day in class I sat through an entire day not really knowing exactly how Foot Zoning worked, as I had never been zoned.  After class I received my first zone - Thank you Brad :) . Can I say this "Wow" I felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from off my shoulders.  I felt free.  I felt...better.  I had clarity and new perspective.  I didn't have any physical ailments at the time so nothing changed physically, well at least that I was aware of anyway,  but I couldn't deny how amazing I felt immediately after.  


Nine months later I graduated from class after  memorizing and studying for the final exam and working on every foot I could within my community and my immediate family.  Ha, I did it, I actually passed the class and was actually certified now to go out and start Zoning people for real.  

For more than a decade now, I have been led me on an amazing journey as I have followed the gentle nudging of the spirit/soul to continue learning and developing my gifts and talents.  It is an exhilarating experience to hold someone's feet in your lap and connect with them on a spiritual level that you cannot explain.  Helping people find answers to healing and balancing their body has become my passion.  

I now work out of my home foot zoning every day and absolutely enjoy what I do.  I have been certified in Foot Zone Therapy since 2011 and am a Professional Member of Foot Zone Association of Utah. I am an Instructor for WeDoFeet Seminars.  I have been an instructor for 8 years and have additional experience and training with Sue Noall’s Energy Connection; Kimberly Watts 5 Keystones of Health; emotional healing from M: Collaborations with the Divine Doctor by Jaclyn Taylor; and have been trained in Gemstone Therapy.

My Story


The ability for self-healing is an inherent part of all life. The body is constantly renewing itself, getting rid of old and diseased tissues. We are not aware that this is always happening, because the body rids itself of disease so fast it appears we are remaining healthy. On the occasions when the ongoing self-healing process doesn't work, then it becomes necessary to get help from the outside. Traditionally, throughout the past five thousand years, our species has used foods and herbs for healing. We have also used the healing powers of touch.


~ William S. Eidelman, M.D. ~